Free Robotic Automated Palletizer On-site Demo

New Jersey and Pennsylvania 2023 – Dec 4th - 8th

Watch a Robot stack YOUR boxes or bags onto YOUR pallets

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How does this work? 
Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Formic’s automation team visits your facility, sets up the system within 15 minutes, and configures the system to palletize your packaged product. All that’s needed is a 120VAC power supply. That’s it.
  2. Our team will show how easy and reliable it is to use robotic palletizers. Plus, you’ll learn about the robots-as-a service automation model and we will help answer any other questions you have about automation.

  3. Finally, if you decide you want to get started, we can deploy a system in 6-8 weeks and you only pay a low hourly rate during usage.

Prior Roadshow Footage

We like Formic because they don’t just set us up and walk away. They have skin in the game.

Robert Albert
President at Polar Hardware

We’ve been looking at automation for a few years... Not having any upfront costs (with Formic) was very attractive to us and helped ease the minds of owners during our capital meetings.

Tracey Miller
Executive Vice President at Compact Industries

What was attractive about Formic was their concept. Paying by the hour and having the capability to try the technology out in small steps. There was really no downside.”

hector leon
GreenSeed’s Director of Operations

Success Through Service

Formic takes care of system lifetime maintenance and support, project scoping and designing, shipping and unloading, install and training. All for no upfront cost, and just a low hourly rate.

Turn robots into revenu

Formic remove the risk, expense and headache of automating on your own with our flexible, no CapEx contracts.
You only pay for productivity.

No CapEx
Pay only when your
system produces
OpEx Reduction
Profit instantly with 1
lower-than-labor payment
Capacity Increase
Increase your production
and win more customers

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Sketching of factory robot
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