Pay-As-You-Go Robotic Palletizers

Formic makes it easy to afford robotic palletizers with no capEx, flexible contracts, and output commitments.

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Robot palletizer stacking boxes

Our Solutions

Get Robot Palletizers Tailored for Your Needs

Stack open and closed containers of any kind with our wide range of grippers that properly support each box or case type. Our robotic palletizers can reliably stack heavy bags as well as tall, unsteady containers of bottles and cans.


Start Paying After Your System Works. Achieve Positive ROI on Day 1

Preserve your capital and grow with our all-inclusive, by-the-hour contracts. You pay nothing until the system is on your floor and producing.

Factory robot working in a factory

We’ve been looking at automation for a few years... Not having any upfront costs (with Formic) was very attractive to us and helped ease the minds of owners during our CapEx meetings.

Tracey MillEr
Executive Vice President at Compact Industries

We like Formic because they don’t just set us up and walk away. They have skin in the game.

Robert ALbert
President at Polar Hardware

What was attractive about Formic was their concept. Paying by the hour and having the capability to try the technology out in small steps. There was really no downside.”

hector leon
GreenSeed’s Director of Operations

Success Through Service

Formic includes the expert service and support required to unlock the value of robotic automation for your factory.

Success Team

We provide your own dedicated automation experts so that you don’t have to.

OpEx Contracts

As your needs change, easily adapt your automation with Formic Flex and 1-to-multi-year contracts.

24/7 Monitoring

With historically 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, our mission is to maximize your uptime and profit.